“Shriramkumar’s watchful absorption of a great violin maestro’s performances — which he never fails to attend — found reflection in his music’s basis. If the rakti-filled raga images were classy, the kirtanas got a melodic revamp. Listening to him over the years, both as an accompanist and recently as a soloist, there was every indication of his enhanced understanding of sangita’s soulfulness.

The flow of sleek, polished presentation of Ananda Bhairavi found its way to solid movement punctuated with karvais and curves making listening experience engaging.  The first two or three sancharas opened up an arc of the raga’s deliciousness.”

– The Hindu, September 2009

On a lecture demonstration followed by a violin solo concert by the artist:

“As I continue to reflect back on this most interesting lecdem, I see similarities to Prof. Michio Kaku’s programs on the Science channel where he speaks with such engaging eloquence about Physics that it makes you want to explore those topics further. RKShriramkumar not only greatly broadened my knowledge about Dikshithar‘s compositions, he also provided some key tools to continue to improve my overall understanding and appreciation…

I was transported to an almost bygone era listening to RKS play such truly classical compositions with such depth of musicianship and feeling, putting the glory of the music ahead of self and thereby enabling the listener to do the same.”

– Kamakshi Mallikarjun, Sruti Notes, SRUTI Philadelphia, August 2012

“RK Shriramkumar’s deft fingers weaved a rich tapestry of the lakshanam of every ragam and his ebullient exchanges with TM Krishna were a feast to the eye and the ear. The very evident mutual admiration and respect they share left the rasikas with a mesmerising musical experience.”

– Sydhwaney, June 2010

 “The exhilaration at playing such challenging music was obvious in R.K. Shriramkumar’s violin, not only in improvisation, but also in accompanying the weighty songs of the day, as in the lovely Misra Chapu dance of Dikshitar’s Gaulipantu krti ‘Krishnananda.’  His ravai sangathis were as precise as they were delicate.”

-Gowri Ramnarayan, The Hindu, December 2006